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IJIRTM: Volume-5, Issue-1, 2021

Paper Title : A Review Based on Energy Management System for Hybrid Energy System
Author Name : Mithun Soren, Prof.Abhishek Chourey, Prof.Balram Yadav
Keywords : PV, FC, Wind Energy, RES, HES EMS.
Abstract :

With the advancement of civilization and evolution of technology, energy demand has become a basic issue for the development of a society today. The usual ways to address this demand today are based mostly on resources such as fossil or nuclear fuels, which have a negative impact on the environment, either contributing with greenhouse gases, or by production of radioactive or inert solid waste. For this reason, every day the need to migrate to more environmentally responsible energy production models becomes more evident. In this paper discuss the energy demand of the worldwide. Due need of new energy sources here n this paper discuss the hybrid energy system, a brief review of all the researches in the field of hybrid energy renewable sources is discussed in this paper.

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Paper Title : Power Management of Solar-Fuel Cell Based Grid Tied Hybrid Energy System
Author Name : Mithun Soren, Prof.Abhishek Chourey, Prof.Balram Yadav
Keywords : PV, FC, Wind Energy, RES, HES EMS.
Abstract :

A lot of research has been carried out to make renewable resources more efficient and easier to use. The use of photovoltaic cells and fuel cells in the last few days has been one of the greatest researches. This paper provides an implementation of photovoltaic energy system with fuel cell for energy supply in the utility grid. For controlling the energy of both sources a control method is also proposed in this paper. This technique can be applied in the future for independent renewable energy integration. In this proposed work hybrid power system, consisting of a PV cell and the Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC), is the most efficient combination of renewable energy sources. The whole work is simulated in MATLAB/SIMULINK environment to validate the mode. The result is discussed with variable loading condition in this paper.

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Paper Title : A Review on Big Data for Internet of Things
Author Name : Priyanka Singh, Chetna Devkar
Keywords : IoT, Big data, Big data analytics, Industrial IoT, RFID, Data Sets.
Abstract :

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data technologies have emerged as a critical data analytics tool to bring the knowledge within IoT infrastructures to better meet the purpose of the IoT systems and support critical decision making. Although Big Data and IoT are two distinct approaches that have evolved independently, they are becoming more and more interconnected over time. The convergence of IoT and Big Data provides new opportunities and results in development of new applications in many fields, including business, healthcare, sciences and engineering. At the same time, various challenges are faced during processing and management of massive amounts of data, as well as during their storage in different environments. In this paper, we present a review of many approaches related to Big Data and IOT and discuss the encountered problems and open issues. Furthermore, we give a brief discussion on Big Data technologies in different IoT domains to facilitate and stimulate knowledge sharing across the IoT domains.

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Paper Title : Mitigation of Overall THD for the D-STATCOM Fed Low Voltage Grid
Author Name : Ravi Kumar Sinha, Dr.M. S. Das, Dr.Vasant Acharya
Keywords : Custom Power Device, D-STATCOM, STATCOM, LCL filter.
Abstract :

As the need for electricity grows, the use of non-linear loads will rise day by day. These charges produce harmonics in the power grid. This is dangerous to the other load connected to the grid. There are some custom power machines, such as SVR, SSSC, UPFC, which are employees of the power transmission system. However, only D-STATCOM is used in the delivery system. D-STATCOM has an LC style filter that generates a high ripple at the PCC. This problem is removed by a high-level LCL filter. This paper addresses the modelling of the LCL filter with D-STATCOM. The proposed model is developed for the purpose of seeking findings in the MATLAB. The findings demonstrate the low harmonics of the power grid.

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Paper Title : VHDL Design and Implementation of High Speed Double Data Rate 3 Memory Controller with AXI 2.0 compliant
Author Name : Sharad Singh Parihar, Prof.Sandip Nemade
Keywords : AMBA, Multi-Processor System, AXI, Direct Memory Access, MPSOC, flexibility.
Abstract :

The AXI protocol is burst-based. Every transaction has addressed and control information on the address channel that describes the nature of the data to be transferred. The data is transferred between master and slave using a write data channel to the slave or a read data channel to the master. In write transactions, in which all the data flows from the master to the slave, the AXI protocol has an additional write response channel to allow the slave to signal to the master the completion of the write transaction. The AXI protocol enables Address information to be issued ahead of the actual data transfer support for multiple outstanding transactions Support for out-of-order completion of transactions. Here we are implemented AXI 2.0 protocol our goal was to high speed data transfer we have tested our results with Xilinx 8.1 version our synthesis results shows that we achieved the target of increasing the speed from previous method our maximum speed is 180-190 MHz.

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Paper Title : Detection of COVID-19 using X-Ray Images with Deep Neural Network
Author Name : Deepti Chauhan, Prof.Chetan Agrawal, Prof.Sandeep Kumar Agrawal
Keywords : Convolutional Neural Network, DenseNet-161, dropout, accuracy, transition layer.
Abstract :

In recent years, deep learning has multiplied and has played an important role in image recognition, including medical imagery. CNN's have been well used in many diseases, including heart disease, malarial disease, Alzheimer's disease, various dental disorders, and Parkinson's disease. Convolutional Networks have been well used in detecting many diseases. In the case of COVID-19 patients with healthcare images such as chest X-rays and CT, as in other cases, CNN has a significant prospect. The World Health Organisation has described Coronavirus or COVID-19 as a global pandemic (WHO). The cumulative confirmed cases of COVID-19 were 19.18M and deaths of 0.716M worldwide as of 8 August 2020. In preventing the spread of this virus, identifying positive patients with Coronavirus is very significant. A CNN model to detect COVID-19 patients from X-ray chest images is proposed for this conquest. An analytical research tests one more CNN model with various convolution layers, named DenseNet (Dense Convolutional Network), which are applied to the X-ray image dataset, consisting of 80 images related to COVID-19 patients and 100 related to healthy people images. DenseNet model has generated a precision of 0.92, recall of 0.951, F1 score of 0.94, and accuracy of 96.23%. Results have indicated that the DenseNet model has outperformed other existing models.

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Paper Title : A DWT-HF Based Framework for Watermarking To Enhance Digital Image
Author Name : Ajeet Kumar Singh, Prof.Neetesh Raghuwanshi, Prof.Bharti Chourasia
Keywords : Digital Image, DWT, High Boost Filter, MATLAB, PSNR, SVD, Watermarking.
Abstract :

Watermarking of pictures has starting late acquired colossal interest in the extent of utilizations like distinguishing proof of picture, copyright assurance, check of pictures, and data stowing endlessly, among others. Duplication and scattering of sight and sound data have been delivered basic and all things considered, costless due to immense advances in framework organization and fast processors. Digitized data can without a very remarkable stretch be controlled thusly losing its imaginativeness. Along these lines, it makes copyright security of cutting edge media a harsh test. Thusly, progressed watermarking comes into the image. Progressed watermarking is the handle that inserts data considered a watermark into a sight and sound dissent in a way that the watermark can be later on perceived or removed for an inquiry statement purposes watermarking plan which is installed utilizing discrete wavelet change (DWT) solitary worth deterioration (SVD) and High Boost Filtering (HF). Improve the worth PSNR. The MSE, PSNR, and execution technique (DWT-SVD-HF) gives improved outcomes.

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Paper Title : Spectrum Sensing Analysis in Wireless Communication System
Author Name : Shashi Kumar Prasad, Prof.Jitendra Mishra
Keywords : Wireless communication, cognitive radio network, Spectrum sensing, Error rate, False alarm probability.
Abstract :

Due to the rapid growth of new wireless communication services and applications, much attention has been directed to frequency spectrum resources and the way they are regulated. Considering that the radio spectrum is a natural limited resource, supporting the ever increasing demands for higher capacity and higher data rates for diverse sets of users, services and applications is a challenging task which requires innovative technologies capable of providing new ways of efficiently exploiting the available radio spectrum. In this article we explores the application machine learning techniques in enabling the cognition capability of cognitive engine in spectrum sensing. The proposed algorithms are evaluated under extensive simulation runs. The investigations in this work we propose a novel technique which is able to accurately predict the false alarm probability, error rate and signal to noise ratio.

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Paper Title : Image Compression Techniques for Medical Science Image :Survey and Discussion
Author Name : Ajay Kumar Pawar, Prof.Jitendra Mishra
Keywords : Digital Image Processing, Image Compression, Image Registration, Medical science, Wavelet Transformation.
Abstract :

Image storage and transmission has become an important part in modern wireless data services such as mobile multimedia, email, internet access, mobile commerce, mobile data sensing in sensor networks, home and medical monitoring services and mobile conferencing. In this paper present the comparative study for the different image processing techniques for the medical science image.

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Paper Title : Analysis of Medical Image using Image Compression Technique
Author Name : Ajay Kumar Pawar, Prof.Jitendra Mishra
Keywords : Genetic Approach, Mean Square Error, Peak Signal to Noise Ratio, Computed Tomography, Compression Ratio, Image Compression.
Abstract :

In this paper we present the image compression scheme for the medical science image compression used in the field of health care industry through various methods like neural network and evolutionary techniques, here we shows the comparative study for the image compression in the area of medical science, and our proposed method gives the better results than existing techniques. The results are measured in the terms of some performance parameter evaluation.

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Paper Title : A Review on Spectrum Sharing in Wireless Communication System
Author Name : Pranav Nandan, Prof.Jitendra Mishra
Keywords : Wireless communication, Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing, International telecommunication union, Cognitive radio, Long term evolution.
Abstract :

With the rapid development of broadband wireless access and mobile terminal technology, people are eager to obtain information and services from the Internet at anytime, anywhere and even in the process of moving, and the mobile Internet has been developed rapidly in such a background. In this review discuss the different spectrum sensing techniques and challenges in wireless network communications.

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Paper Title : Color Image Compression: Survey and Discussions
Author Name : Surendra Singh Patel, Prof.Ashish Nema, Prof.Jitendra Mishra
Keywords : Image Processing, Image compression, JPEG, JPEG 2000, Image classification.
Abstract :

Image compression is a fundamental problem in computer vision and image processing. With the development and popularity of high-quality multimedia content, lossy image compression has been becoming more and more essential in saving transmission bandwidth and hardware storage. In image compression system aims to jointly minimize both the compression rate and distortion of an image and also enhanced the quality of an image. In this paper we present the review for the image compression techniques and standards.

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Paper Title : Analysis of Fault Characteristics of Distributed Solar Generation
Author Name : Gargi Kumari, Prof.M. S. Dash
Keywords : Photovoltaic Array OverCurrent Relay, Counter Set reclosure over current relay, MPPT, PWM Generator, Buck -Boost converter.
Abstract :

Inverter-based distributed energy resources (DERs) are characterized with low fault current and negligible amount of negative and zero sequence currents. Understanding DER’s fault characteristics is critical for fault analysis and protective relay setting. Despite the abundant work on DER modelling, few research studies have been done to analyse DER’s fault behaviours during actual fault events. This paper explores recorded fault events collected by Dominion Energy. Fault magnitude, angle, and sequence components are analysed to show that actual DER fault response may differ from previous understandings. The general reclosure over current relay is replaced with counter set reclosure over current relay which completely triggers off when the restricting number crosses 3 times. So, the over current relay only closes to short transient faults but not long-time faults. The analysis with respect to different conditions is checked using a DER (PVA) connected to this counter set reclosure over current relay.

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Paper Title : A Review in Quest for Multi-Functional Environmental Sensors
Author Name : Deeksha Nagpal, Ajay Vashishth, S. Nagaveni, Bikramjit Singh
Keywords : Pollution monitoring, air monitoring, particulate matter, water monitoring, soil monitoring, wireless network sensor.
Abstract :

Concerns regarding the environment such as air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution and additionally acid rain and global warming cannot be overlooked anymore as they adversely affect all the species which are present on this planet. So, there is a deeper quest of researchers to come out with a multifunctional device to intelligently monitor to multiple pollutions with a single unit to curb this pernicious problem. Nowadays we have a plethora of sensors which are able to sense noise, poisonous gases like carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, particulate matters, dust particles, chemical compositions, alcohol, humidity, temperature, position, human presenceetcetera. This paper identifies the past and present research related to the sensing techniques and it also elaborates the usage of sensors in different fields and about innovations in this field. A range of technologies have been used over past years to sense various parameters. In present scenarios, advancement in sensing techniques can be noticed to control air contamination in bigger cities for pollution free air but such air monitoring techniques cannot be established in small cities because of their higher cost. In this paper we are diligently working on the areas of refinement to provide innovative versatile sensors which are more efficacious, genuine, productive, secure, predominant and economical.

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Paper Title : Applications, Challenges and Health issues in Diabetes Management for COVID -19 Pandemic
Author Name : S. Nagaveni, Ajay Vashishth, Bikramjit Singh
Keywords : Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA, Pneumonia, High blood sugar , Obesity and COVID-19.
Abstract :

This paper intends to integrate the current information about that diabetic patients suffering health issues and many complications are including like Viral infections, Diabetic ketoacidosis(DKA), Pneumonia, Dehydration, High blood sugar ,obesity and high risk factors are caused by the novel coronavirus, can lead to serious complications in diabetic patients in times of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). This paper presents , Diabetes Mellitus describes the group of metabolic disorders ,it is a long term condition that causes high blood sugar levels and Diabetes is a serious problem in public healthcare now a days .This is spreading all over the world due to imbalance of health related issues like improper diet, sleep, exercise. In this paper due to COVID -19 much focused on diabetic people because of poor prognosis in those with the infection. Starting review was mainly depends on people with type 2 diabetes, although recent surveys have shown that individuals with type 1 diabetes are also at risk of severe COVID-19. The main reason for bad diagnosis in diabetic people likely to be multi-factorial, thus reflecting the syndromic nature of diabetes. Coronavirus having these effects on β-cell function might also cause diabetic ketoacidosis in individuals with diabetes, hyperglycaemia at hospital admission in individuals with unidentified antiquity of diabetes and potentially new-onset diabetes. This paper clearly explains due to Glucose-lowering agents and anti-viral treatments can modulate the risk, but limitations to their use and potential interactions with COVID-19 treatments should be carefully assessed. These papers briefly review the general characteristics of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and provide a better understanding of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in people with diabetes and its management.

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Paper Title : An Overview of Switching Scheme used in Multilevel Inverter
Author Name : Divyanshu Vimal, Prof.Santosh Kumar
Keywords : DC to Ac, MLI, H-Bridge inverter, PWM, SHEPWM.
Abstract :

Inverter is a device which is used for converting DC power into AC. The basic constitute of all inverter is power switch. All switches are based on the gate pulse. The technique used for on or off the switches is call firing of the switch. There are many techniques used for the getting the switching. In this paper here discuss first the different types of topology used in the inverter and then discuss the different type of switching pulse width modulation used by the different researchers. This is the review paper which gives the overview of the work behind the multilevel inverter topology.

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Paper Title : Performance Analysis of Selective Harmonic Elimination Pulse Width Modulation Based Single Phase Voltage Source Inverter
Author Name : Divyanshu Vimal, Prof.Santosh Kumar
Keywords : DC to Ac, MLI, H-Bridge inverter, PWM, SHEPWM.
Abstract :

Unwanted currents or voltages are known as harmonics. They can be found at frequencies that are a multiple or fraction of the fundamental frequency. In static power converters, harmonic pollution is a big concern. The type and control scheme of the converter decide the harmonic orders and magnitudes. The output voltage waveform of a single-phase voltage-source inverter is usually composed only of odd harmonics. They also harmonics are absent due to the half-wave symmetry of the output voltage harmonics. The triplen (third and multiples of third harmonics) are absent in three-phase voltage-source inverters, in addition to the even harmonics. The technique of selective harmonic elimination pulse width modulation (SHE-PWM) is discussed in this article. This technique is used to exclude chosen dominant low order harmonics from the output voltage of a multi-level inverter. The whole model is simulated in MATLAB software and the SHE PWM is applied on the single phase inverter topology.

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Paper Title : Review on Engine Piston Thermal Failure
Author Name : Gaurav Kumar, Prof.Padmakar Pachorkar
Keywords : Piston, Structural Analysis, Stress, Heat, FEA, TBC.
Abstract :

In this Paper the stress distribution is evaluated on the four-stroke engine piston by using FEA. The finite element analysis is performed by using FEA software. The piston ring is one of the main components of an internal combustion engine. Its main purposes are to seal the combustion chamber of the engine, minimize the friction against the cylinder liner but also transfer heat from the piston to the cooled cylinder liner. Another important property of the piston ring is to evenly distribute oil along with the cylinder liner to avoid engine seizure. Energy conservation and efficiency have always been the quest of engineers concerned with internal combustion engines. The diesel engine generally offers better fuel economy than its counterpart petrol engine. Even the diesel engine rejects about two-thirds of the heat energy of the fuel, one-third to the coolant, and one-third to the exhaust, leaving only about one-third as useful power output. Theoretically, if the heat rejected could be reduced, then the thermal efficiency would be improved, at least up to the limit set by the second law of thermodynamics. Low Heat Rejection engines aim to do this by reducing the heat lost to the coolant. Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBCs) in diesel engines lead to advantages including higher power density, fuel efficiency.

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Paper Title : A Review on Bends Pipes with Different Bend Angle Using FEA Method
Author Name : Faizan Hussain, Prof.Chhatar Singh
Keywords : Pipe bend, angle, temperature, CFD.
Abstract :

In present paper, pipes with different bend angles are designed and simulated using computational fluid dynamic software for water with different temperatures. Pipe will be considered as real wall and its temperature distribution is measured to corresponding temperature boundary condition at inlet. Ultimately, influence of bend angle over heat transfer enhancement in pipes will explored computationally and experimentally.

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