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IJIRTM: Volume-5, Issue-4, 2021

Paper Title : A Review of Effective Intrusion Detection System using Data Mining Techniques
Author Name : Saleha Khan, Prof.Zuber Farooqui
Keywords : Intrusion detection systems, Data mining, Machine learning, Cyber security, Smart grid.
Abstract :

Cyber security plays an important role in maintaining the vital national infrastructure. Critical infrastructures are selected on the basis of whether or not their disabilities have a debilitating effect on security, the national economy, public health or public safety or a combination of these. Maintaining the security of industrial systems is important for any organization. As history shows us, the consequences of not doing so can be potentially damaging. Intrusion detection systems (IDS) are commonly categorized into misuse based, anomaly based and specification based IDS. Both misuse based IDS and anomaly based IDS are extensively researched in academia and industry. However, as critical infrastructures including smart grids (SG) may often face sophisticated unknown attacks in the near future, misuse based attack detection techniques will mostly miss their targets, this article will provide a survey for the different techniques for intrusion detection in smart rid and nay other industry or an organization using some techniques such as the data mining, classification techniques and, hybrid techniques.

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Paper Title : A Study on Bike Engine Fins Heat Transfer
Author Name : Prince Kumar, Prof.Aishwary Chandan
Keywords : Engine, chamber, fins , solid work, programming warm.
Abstract :

Many researchers were the motor bike fins developed on 3D programming framework Solid works during which opposite blades are mounted. they adjust the motor bike fins balances, and its thickness decreased from three millimeter to 2 millimeter. all together that weight decreased and conjointly settle on material that supplant the overarching materials. The Engine chamber is one of the essential motor components, that is exposed to over the top temperature varieties and warm burdens. Blades are set on the outside of the chamber to upgrade the measure of warmth move by convection, For warm examination of the motor chamber fins.

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Paper Title : Thermal Analysis On Two Vehicle 4 Stroke Engine Fin with different geometry and different material By Using FEM
Author Name : Prince Kumar, Prof.Aishwary Chandan
Keywords : Aluminum Nitride, Aluminum Oxide, Aluminum 6061, Fins, ANSYS, Chamfered.
Abstract :

In automobiles, the engine cylinder is subjected to high temperature variations and thermal stresses .So as to cool the engine cylinder, fins are mounted on the engine cylinder to increase the rate of heat transfer. By doing thermal analysis on the engine cylinder fins you can know the rate of heat transfer inside the cylinder. The transient warm investigation product performed utilizing a logical programming framework bundle ANSYS work seat R 19.3 bolstered limited volume examination. The consequences of grouped significant geometrical parameters for the transient normal convective warmth move rate from each real and anticipated type of engine . Transient warm investigations were performed for genuine and leaving model of engine chamber head fins in this manner on upgrades geometrical parameters and swelled warmth move from the IC engine . at internal temperature 2850C .this work transient warm investigation is performed on real and Take ambient condition temperature 400C. here three materials like aluminum nitride, aluminum oxide, aluminum 6061and five different geometry taken then find out new modified geometry is giving better and results with comparison all exiting geometries. So we can be suggested Modify chamfered Geometry for bikes fins for better results find out and all three materials Al 6061 is best materials.

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Paper Title : A Framework for Document Plagiarism Detection Using Rabin Karp Method
Author Name : Vivek Kumar, Chinmay Bhatt, Varsha Namdeo
Keywords : Plagiarism, Content Writing, Rabin Carp Method, N-Gram, Compression.
Abstract :

Plagiarism implies replicating ideas or words of someone else work or copying distributed research works into your work. Cheating, Non-Attributing, and Patchwork are some common types of identifying plagiarism. Now, Plagiarism is shifting from medieval history to this current era (in the Research area, academic culture, workplace, Students places, etc.) With the growing use of the internet, many web articles are available boundlessly. Previous approaches are limited while dealing with data analysis work with a single level of processing. In this proposed system, an advanced novel approach which is compressive sensing based Rabin Karp (CS-RKP) is proposed. This algorithm used a sampling module for reducing dataset size and further cost function for document redundancy detection, calculate both syntax and semantic for finding similarity over the document. The result observation evaluates computation time; similarity measure w.r.t n-gram for different value of N shows the efficiency of the proposed algorithm.

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Paper Title : Development of Framework to Enhance Information Security in Healthcare IoT Network
Author Name : Shilpi Raghuwanshi, Chinmay Bhatt, Varsha Namdeo
Keywords : IOT, Health Care Network, Information Security, LPWAN.
Abstract :

This proposed work moreover offers a boundless survey of the innovative mastery that is likewise included inside the proposed model. Zero in is put on sensors for observing different wellbeing boundaries that are long and short-range interchanges guidelines, and cloud innovations. The exploration work completed separates itself from the past significant review commitments by considering each fundamental part of an IoT-based medical care framework both independently and as a framework. Internet of Things (IoT) is characterized as a heterogeneous method, that covers a few current and late innovations, and their applications that offer types of assistance in various application fields. In these current conditions, the satisfaction of insurance and secrecy necessities plays a fundamental obligation. Such necessities comprise information verification and secretly of information that likewise cover IoT network access control, security, assurance concerns. There is a colossal measure of IoT gadgets are associated with each and these gadgets happen adaptability issue; in this way for settling security gives the adaptable foundation required which is client-driven. The proposed theory introduces and tackles the IoT security issue, center various issues happen during IoT medical services and their gadgets. This proposal wraps different ideas for future examination. The, generally speaking, exploratory outcomes created the usage of the IoT gadget.

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Paper Title : State of Art on Components Used in a Solar-Based Renewable Energy System
Author Name : Zurish Khan, Prof.Sagar Tomar, Prof.Madhu Upadhyay
Keywords : RES, MPPT, OCV, CV, SCP.
Abstract :

Over the years, the discovery, research, and use of renewable energy such as wind, solar, hydro, and tidal power have increased worldwide environmental worries about the quantity of CO2 released into the atmosphere by human activities. Furthermore, the hybrid system paired with renewable sources is rapidly being employed for the utilization of renewable energy. In this article, we will first look at the global energy situation of the renewable energy system. Following that, provide a review of the component utilized in the solar-based renewable energy system. Also discussed here are the fundamental problem and research motivation in the subject of renewable energy systems.

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Paper Title : Performance Analysis of SEPIC converter Fed PV System
Author Name : Zurish Khan, Prof.Sagar Tomar, Prof.Madhu Upadhyay
Keywords : PV System, SEPIC, MPPT, BCC, SPTLE, SOFLC.
Abstract :

Photovoltaic (PV) systems are a choice of conventional energy sources that contribute significantly to the resolution of energy problems. The adverse effects of fossil fuel on the environment are even mitigated by combining fossil-fuel plants with renewable energies (e.g. photovoltaic system). The basic problem of the present PV system is the effect of climate, the dc-dc converter. Here in this paper discuss the new type of dc-dc converter SEPIC for implementation of the PV system with the MPPT. The whole work is simulated in MATLAB software for checking the validation of the proposed converter in PV system.

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Paper Title : Mineralogical Analysis of Historical Lime Mortar Using XRD and SEM Analysis
Author Name : Shraddha Singh, Rashmi Sakalle
Keywords : Mineralogical analysis, historical mortars, new lime mortar, XRD analysis, SEM analysis, EDX analysis.
Abstract :

India is a large country with a diverse population.” India's cultural heritage and ancient ruins, which include buildings and other archaeological sites and remains, are unique, vast, and diverse. It’s incredible how many heritage places there are. The reality that these monuments are the recollections of over a thousand living witnesses to history’s golden age. Lime mortar was mainly used to make ancient building buildings until the introduction of cement and other construction materials. It is more important than ever to rebuild landmark buildings that have started to deteriorate and are on the brink of being abandoned. For historic building renovations, a lime mortar study was performed. Using SEM, EDX and XRD methods, this thesis analyses historical and contemporary lime mortars. SEM, EDX and XRD were used to study historic and recent lime mortars, and the mineralogical properties of lime mortars were determined.

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Paper Title : A Review on Rumor Detection Methods on Social Media: Issues and Challenges
Author Name : Swati Goswami, Prof.Chetan Agrawal, Bhavana Verma
Keywords : Rumor Detection Issues, Rumor Classification Challenges, Social Media, Machine Learning.
Abstract :

Web based life stages have been used for information and news gathering, and they are completely huge in various applications. Regardless, they in like manner lead to the spreading of gossipy goodies, Rumors, and fake news. Various undertakings have been taken to perceive and uncover reports employing long-range interpersonal communication media through analyzing their substance and group environment using ML (Machine Learning) procedures. This paper gives a diagram of the continuous examinations in talk discovery. The task for talk recognition intends to recognize and portray tattle either as self-evident (authentic), false (nonfactual), or dubious. This can massively benefit society by thwarting the spreading of such mixed-up and misguided information proactively. This paper is a prologue to gossip acknowledgment employing person-to-person communication media which presents the fundamental phrasing and sorts of pieces of talk and the nonexclusive methodology of gossip identification. A state of the art depicting the use of coordinated ML algorithms for talk identification employing Social media is presented.

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Paper Title : A Structural Framework For Planning, Scheduling And Resource Allocation of Project
Author Name : Akash Mishra, Kapil Malviya
Keywords : Structural Analysis, Planning, Project Development, Resource Allocation.
Abstract :

Execution of development project needs legitimate arranging and planning is of crucial significance for the undertaking to be executed and chugged along as expected. The best schedule should be prepared so that meets the fundamental objections of the full-scale project. Those fundamental targets are to make a quality errand, complete on time, inside a monetary arrangement, and in an ensured work environment. Consequently in this assessment, a nonstop advancement project is taken and the execution of the endeavor is stood out and the plan from the help of the Microsoft Project. A continuous task in NOOR-US-SABAH RESIDENCY is chosen and the exercises relating to the preconstruction, foundation, and superstructure are considered for examination. From the examination, it is discovered, how the venture is arranged, the succession of work, and connecting connections between exercises for the entire task. Considering all that it is gotten that, comprehend that there will be changes to the schedule reasoning similarly as differences between the orchestrated progression and genuine headway. Given the distinctions, the timetable should be changed in order to finish the venture without a hitch.

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