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IJIRTM: Volume-2, Issue-6, 2018

Paper Title : A Review on Cooperative Multicast Routing in Mobile Ad-hoc Network
Author Name : Mr.Babloo, Mr. Jitendra Mishra
Keywords : Mobile ad-hoc networks, Multicasting, wireless sensor networks, Protocol, wireless mobile network.
Abstract :

Multicast is a dissemination technique of paramount importance in wireless ad hoc networks. The multicast scheme is widely used within routing protocols by a wide range of wireless ad hoc networks such as mobile ad hoc networks, vehicular ad hoc networks, and wireless sensor networks, and used to spread emergency messages in critical scenarios after a disaster scenario and/or accidents. In this paper we present the study about the cooperative multicasting which focuses on the one to many communications in mobile ad-hoc network using various protocols.

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Paper Title : Reduce Energy Consumption and Improve Performance in Wireless Network Control System
Author Name : Ms.Prabha Patel, Mr. Jitendra Mishra
Keywords : Wireless sensor-actuator networks, Wireless networked control systems, OFE, USR, SFDM.
Abstract :

The communication system design for a WNCS requires guaranteeing the performance and stability of control system, with the limited battery resources of sensor nodes, despite the unreliability of wireless transmissions and delay resulting from packet transmission and shared wireless medium. The key parameters that need to be considered by both control and communication systems are the packet error probability, delay requirement and sampling period of the sensor nodes in the network. In this paper we proposed a new model for the wireless network controlled system and improve the performance of network using enhancement on performance parameter.

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Paper Title : A Review on Robust Strategy for Scale Free in Wireless Sensor Network
Author Name : Mr.Yogendra Mishra, Mr. Jitendra Mishra
Keywords : Wireless sensor networks, Internet of Things, Fault detection, Distributed fault detection, Mobile ad-hoc networks.
Abstract :

Sharing the infrastructure of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) for achieving concurrent requests becomes a trend nowadays, where a relatively complex request should be satisfied through aggregating complementary functionalities provided by contiguous sensor nodes contained in a certain network region. A key issue in wireless sensor network applications is how to accurately detect anomalies in an unstable environment and determine whether an event has occurred. This instability includes the harsh environment, node energy insufficiency, hardware and software breakdown, etc. In this paper we presents the literature survey for the robust wireless sensor networks.

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Paper Title : Performance Analysis of Opportunistic Cooperation Schemes in Cognitive Radio based WSN
Author Name : Mr. Chandra Kumar Kachhwaha, Mr. Jitendra Mishra
Keywords : Cognitive radio, Spectrum sensing, Throughput, End to end delay.
Abstract :

Driven by consumers’ increasing interest in wireless services, demand for radio spectrum has increased dramatically. Opportunistic unlicensed access to the (temporarily) unused frequency bands across the licensed radio spectrum is currently being investigated as a means to mitigate the spectrum scarcity. Such opportunistic access calls for the implementation of safeguards so that the ongoing licensed operations are not interfered with. This paper demonstrated that cooperative diversity provides an effective approach to improve the transmission performance of the secondary user while ensuring the QoS of the primary user, and improve the value of performance parameter like throughput, reduce end to end delay etc.

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Paper Title : Enhance the Performance of Vehicular Node on MAC Layer in MANET
Author Name : Mr.Rohit Rajppot, Dr.Rachana Dubey
Keywords : Vehicular Ad-hoc Network, Data Link Layer, V2V, DSRC, IEEE.
Abstract :

Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET) is a form of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET). VANETs provide us with the infrastructure for developing new systems to enhance drivers’ and passengers’ safety and comfort. VANETs are distributed self organizing networks formed between moving vehicles equipped with wireless communication devices. This type of networks is developed as part of the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) to bring significant improvement to the transportation systems performance. One of the main goals of the ITS is to improve safety on the roads, and reduce traffic congestion, waiting times, and fuel consumptions. In this paper we present the new modified MAC layer protocol for the vehicular ad-hoc network and improve the results for the vehicular ad-hoc network.

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Paper Title : Secure and Energy Efficient Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Sensor Network
Author Name : Mr.Shujaat Khan, Mr. Jitendra Mishra
Keywords : Cognitive Radio, Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks, SSDF, Attack, Spectrum sensing.
Abstract :

Wireless sensor network (WSN) has emerged as one of the most promising technologies for the future. This has been enabled by advances in technology and availability of small, inexpensive, and smart sensors resulting in cost effective and easily deployable WSNs. Thus, the next generation of wireless sensor networks is the cognitive wireless sensor networks (CWSNs). Cognitive radio has been proposed as a promising technology to resolve the spectrum scarcity problem by dynamically exploiting underutilized spectrum bands. Wireless sensor networks operating in the license free spectrum suffer from uncontrolled interference as those spectrum bands become increasingly crowded. With the rapid development of cognitive radio technology, increasing attention has been paid to securing spectrum sensing against SSDF attacks. In this article we proposed a new method for the attack detection in cognitive radio sensor network and improve the performance of system using accuracy, attack probability and detection speed evaluation parameters etc.

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Paper Title : A Review on Data Mining Techniques for Network Based Intrusion Detection System
Author Name : Mr.Deepak Kumar Rathore
Keywords : Intrusion Detection System, KDD-CUP, Data Mining, Neural network, Support Vector machines.
Abstract :

Data mining techniques have been successfully applied in the fields including marketing, manufacturing process control, fraud detection, and network management. Over the past two decade years, a growing number of research projects have applied data mining to intrusion detection. In this paper we presents a survey for the intrusion detection using various clustering and classification techniques, in addition also focus on some evolutionary and optimization methods to improve the detection rate for network.

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