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IJIRTM: Volume-2, Issue-1, 2018

Paper Title : A Survey on Health Care using Machine Learning Techniques
Author Name : Mr.Faizan Ahmed Siddiqui, Dr.Rachana Dubey
Keywords : Machine Learning, UCI, Health Care, WHO, Ensemblling.
Abstract :

Machine Learning techniques are used to explore, analyze and extract medical data using complex algorithms in order to discover unknown patterns. In this study aimed at compare the performance analysis of various methods which is based on data mining techniques for the clinical support system and various types of diseases, developing an intelligent data mining system based on genetic algorithm optimized neural networks for the prediction of heart disease based on risk factors categories, for the implementation work we used the dataset from the UCI machine learning repository which include huge amount of dataset for the health care such as heart, diabetes, liver, breast cancer and statlog dataset etc.

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Paper Title : A Survey on Wireless Sensor Network in Smart Grid Optimization
Author Name : Ms.Reena Sharma, Mr. Jitendra Mishra
Keywords : Smart Grid, Wireless Sensor Network, Neighbor area network, Quality of Service, IEEE.
Abstract :

Smart grids (SGs) are envisioned as future power grids to enhance the functionality of traditional power grids. The communication technologies in power grids suffer from connectivity problems due to dynamic topology changes, fading, interference, power consumption, packet loss, throughput and delay. In this paper we present the survey for the smart grid and the performance of smart grid for various applications.

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