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IJIRTM: Volume-1, Issue-1, 2017

Paper Title : A Review of Duty-Cycling for Flooding in Wireless Sensor network to Improve Energy Optimization
Author Name : Mr. Chandan Kumar
Keywords : Wireless Sensor network (WSN), Clustering, Duty-Cycling, Quality of Services (QOS), Medium Access Control (MAC), Energy-Efficient.
Abstract :

Numerous mechanisms are employed to optimize energy consumption, such as optimizing the sensing coverage and the network topology, controlling the transmission power, and notably duty-cycling. Given that the most amount of energy is supposed to be devoted to communication, duty-cycling the radio is the most relevant technique to achieve power ef´Čüciency. In this paper we review the energy consumption, delay aware optimization techniques in synchronous duty cycled wireless sensor network.

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Paper Title : An Empirical Study on Intrusion Detection System Using Classifier and Evolutionary Algorithms
Author Name : Mr.Deepak Kumar Rathore
Keywords : Intrusion Detection System (IDS), KDDCUP, RBF, Support Vector Machines (SVM), Genetic Algorithm (GA).
Abstract :

The rapid increase in the internet speed and data transfer rates urged companies through all over the world to fully shift to dependent network data systems, especially after noticeable increase in the capacity of data storage devices. In this paper we discuss about the comparative study of malware detection techniques for the hybrid model with performance evaluation of on the basis of feature reduction techniques.

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Paper Title : A Comparative Performance Evaluation for Object Segmentation and Object Tracking
Author Name : Mr.Dheeraj Pal
Keywords : Object Segmentation, Object Tracking, Object Tracking Stations, Frame Rate, Frame loss.
Abstract :

Segmentation of background play important role in video tracking system. In object tracking the loss of fame and data are very important part, now various authors and researchers work on feature based object segmentation for object tracking. The background subtraction algorithm requires a relatively small computation time and shows robust detection in good illumination conditions. In this paper we show the comparative study of empirical results for video segmentation using Neural Network and other techniques.

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Paper Title : A Comparative Performance Analysis Using Hybrid Model for Malware Detection Techniques
Author Name : Mr.Sumit Gupta
Keywords : Malware detection, Virus, Worms, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Dos, Probe.
Abstract :

The growth of internet technology spread a large amount of data communication. The communication of data compromised network threats and security issues. The network threats and security issues raised a problem of data integrity and loss of data. In this paper we proposed a hybrid model for feature selection and Malware Classification. Feature selection is important issue in Malware Classification. The selection of feature in attack attributes and normal traffic attribute is challenging task. The selection of known and unknown attack is also faced a problem of classification.

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Paper Title : A Review of MapReduce for Big Data Analytics in Cloud Computing Environment
Author Name : Mr.Sunil Gupta
Keywords : Big Data, MapReduce, Cloud Computing, Hadoop, Data Analytics.
Abstract :

Big data stream is a very popular and increasing the day by day for the various real world applications such as social media, marketing, transportation, banking, fraud detection and many more area. It is compromise high velocity and high volume data also a verified data. In this paper we review the various tools and techniques for the big data stream which is used in various real life application, Map reduce is a very play a vital role for big data analytics.

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